GoTo Travel Shinshu Longstay Enjoy Plan

Go To Travel Campain and Shinshu Longstay Enjoy Plan

26Oct 20

We are happy to make you benefit from incredible discounts this winter with the Go To Travel Campaign and the Shinshu Longstay Enjoy Plan! Let’s enjoy the beauty of the Northern Alps, the fresh snow and pure air of Hakuba Valley.

We have noticed that these campaigns can be confusing and sometimes complicated for the booking process as well as the issuance and use of coupons. That’s why we want to offer our customers the most complete transparency and an easy booking process through our contact page or email so that we can personally respond to each of your requests and personal needs.

By combining the two campaigns, you will receive up to 75% off your stay. 60% off our online prices – 15% in coupons that you can use at Kodama for souvenirs, snacks and drinks or in some restaurants and shops in Nagano Prefecture.

Ski passes and other services can also be included in the package. Don’t forget to specify this if you want to benefit from it.

For your conveniance, dinner will be served every night at the Lodge this season and is included in the room price. We serve European and fusion cuisine and will offer optional raclette cheese dinners for groups of 8 or more to immerse you in a Swiss chalet atmosphere.

Christmas (December 24) and The New Year’s Eve will have special menus and be festive !

On the 31st a DJ will make the shift from 2020 to 2021 groovy. Those dinner menus will be subject to an extra charge.

Contact us and we will be happy to respond personally to your request. At Kodama, we are welcoming kids from 14 y.o.

The GoTo Travel campaign is currently valid without restriction of length of stay until January 31. We hope that the government will extend this campaign until the end of the winter season, but we do not yet have any confirmation on this.

The discount is calculated on the total amount of your booking.

Exemple : two friends staying 5 nights in a tatami room mid December with breakfast and dinners included.

2 x 5 x 10’000 ¥ = 100’000 ¥

– 35% = 65’000 ¥

GoTo Coupons : 100’000 ¥ x 15% = 15’000 ¥

Long Stay Plan : 2 nights at 2’000 ¥ + 3 nights at 3’000 ¥ x 2 ppl = 26’000 ¥

You will pay directly to Kodama 65’000 ¥ – 26’000 ¥ = 39’000 ¥ and will get 15’000 ¥ worth of coupons to spend in drinks or souvenirs.

For the Shinshu LongStay Enjoy Plan, you can take advantage of discounts until February 28th.

Dates from December 25 to January 3 are excluded from this campaign (see conditions below).

From a three-night stay up to a maximum of 7 nights, the discount per person per night is applied from the first night.

The first two nights benefit from a discount of 2’000 ¥ per night, then the following nights 3’000 ¥.

(Example 1 : 3 night stay -7’000 ¥ / Example 2 : 7 night stay – 19’000 ¥).

Shinshu Longstay Enjoy Plan conditions :

The maximum number of consecutive nights per person per trip is 7 nights.

There is no limit on the number of times per person can be used.

It can be used in conjunction with the Go To Travel campaign and municipal accommodation discount planning.

It is not possible to use it in conjunction with other accommodation discount plans implemented by Nagano Prefecture.

December 25 to January 3 are excluded from this campaign

Examples :

3 consecutive nights : check-in on December 25 → No discount

4 consecutive nights : check-in on December 23 → Discount of 2,000 ¥ on December 23 and 24 (total discount of 4,000 ¥) No discount for December 25th and 26th.

3 consecutive nights : check-in on January 2 → No discount on January 2 3’000 ¥ discount on January 4 (for the third night)

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